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Our film portrait - moving impressions


Sometimes pictures say more than words. Immerse yourself in the Kistag world and get an impression of our company.

You will find out that we do not promise too much at the latest when you visit us in Schüpfheim, where you will get to know us and our products and services in person. We look forward to meeting you.

We are ready for the movies. We are Kistag.

Our values


We are not a family business, yet we are like one big family: dynamic, loyal, responsible, reliable, patient, respectful, tolerant and, of course, not always of the same opinion.

This makes Kistag what it is: a company with its feet on the ground. A company that customers and partners can rely on. Because it is made of good wood and because it has always focused on innovation. That's the way it is and that's the way it will stay.

We are Kistag.

Our production


Here in Schüpfheim, traditional craftsmanship meets high-tech manufacturing technologies to create innovative and unique products. Whether kitchens, interior fittings, ingenious packaging solutions or the implementation of your very personal ideas: With us, everything is custom-made and therefore unmistakably Kistag.

We are exceptional. We are Kistag.

Kistag - from the box to the kitchen


Kistag has been around since 1939. What began with the construction of simple wooden crates is now a leading Swiss company in the fields of packaging and interior finishing. Thanks to far-sighted diversification, prudent investments and a strong awareness of quality, Kistag has established itself as an innovative and reliable partner.

Innovation is and remains our claim and our drive, as the following milestones prove:

Foundation of the Kistag

Foundation of Kistag under the name Kistenfabrik Schüpfheim AG in difficult times. Despite the war, the conviction remains to manufacture durable products with added value using harasses and wooden crates, which meet an increasing demand.

The beginnings of the product range

In addition to wooden crates, other products made of wood are increasingly in demand and produced after the war. This testifies to flexibility and opens doors to the spirit of innovation.

Expansion of production capacity

Expansion of production capacity as a result of strong new customer growth.

Modernisation of production

The demand for high quality wooden products (crates, wooden boxes, and increasingly pallets for industry) continues to grow. Kistag acquires new machines and modernizes the production processes.

2 companies become 1

Kistag integrates Wico Holzbearbeitung Schüpfheim into its own corporate structure, thus pooling resources and strengthening its position in the woodworking sector.

Construction of a new production hall

Kistag continues to grow. In order to meet the high demand for special packaging made of wood, the company invests in a state-of-the-art production hall.

New office building for the production management

The building (made of wood, of course!) is equipped with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and houses offices, a meeting room and a training room.

Complete redesign of the Kistag showroom

Kistag creates a kitchen experience world with the showroom and offices in the same building for the employees of the "Interior Design" competence center. Customers can now be inspired by kitchens (new highlight: Joel Wicki kitchen!), accessories, materials and surfaces.

New construction of a production hall with solar modules.

The total usable area of 1800 m2, which production as well as storage area complements the existing production. In addition, the company invested in sustainability and installed 1000 m2 of solar modules on the roof. These produce an energy demand for about 45 single-family homes.

Development and launch of EcoPack

Development and launch of EcoPack, the world's first climate-neutral wooden packaging. It was created in collaboration with ETH and promises to revolutionize the packaging industry.

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