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Customized and safe packaging solutions


Our innovative packaging protects your products. The packaging solution we offer you is as individual as the product you want to pack. Whether as disposable or reusable packaging, made of solid wood, OSB, or plywood in combination with cardboard and padding: You have the choice, we have the experience and the knowledge to provide you with exactly the packaging that suits your product from a single source. Depending on the design, our packaging is sustainable or even climate-neutral.

Kistag: The right packaging for every product.

These customers rely on our solutions:

Schindler Aufzüge AG
Franke GmbH
B. Braun Medical AG
Romay AG
wirth+co ag
Digitec Galaxus AG
Bobst Group SA
Stöckli Swiss Sports AG
Galliker Transport AG
Rollomatic SA
Steeltec AG

Frequently asked questions

We offer a wide range of packaging solutions. In-house, we distinguish between wooden packaging, reusable containers, crates, cardboard packaging, general wooden transport, packaging for export and classic pallets. All goods that are produced or manufactured must be transported from the producer to the end customer - whether food, non-food items, luxury goods or industrial goods and machines. Everything must be protected for transport, or "the value must be preserved" so that the end customer can receive the goods without damage. Kistag's packaging is as indivi-dual as our customers themselves. From simple pallets to solid wooden boxes and crates to heavy goods packaging or packaging made of plywood and OSB, packaging in combination with cardboard and foam materials or even a delicate wooden box for precision tools. We produce everything according to the customer's requirements. Each of these packagings can be built for one-way or reusable use.

Wooden packaging protects the transported goods once on their way, for example from the machine or component manufacturer to the end customer. Once our packaging has served its purpose, it is usually disposed of. The requirements for reusable packaging are far more complex. As the name suggests, they are used several times. For example, a pre-supplier delivers his parts to the machine builder in the crates we have built with the corresponding foam inserts. The container is then returned to the pre-supplier for the next order. Since the process of packing and unpacking is done many times, time and money can be saved. The customer wants to pack quickly, fixings must be planned for, there must be no additional waste, and the packaging must be able to be opened and closed quickly. To meet all these requirements, our reusable packaging is built to a much higher standard. Often several components are used for this purpose. Solid wood, plywood, OSB, various cushioning materials such as needle felt or foam and also cardboard are used. Our customer should receive the ideal packaging tailored to his needs.

There are no restrictions! We have been allowed to produce packaging for almost everything. Our customers come from all industries. Machinery industry, automotive industry, medicine, aircraft industry or construction industry. But it can also be a motorcycle or a forklift for the USA, exhibits for the Natural History Museum in Zurich, a model of the Mars Rover or a crystal weighing 80 kilograms. You ship, we protect.

There is no general answer to this question. The price range starts at well under 10 francs for simple pallets and goes up to several thousand francs for heavy goods packaging that must withstand several tons. The requirements determine the price. Depending on the customer's requirements, we are of course also prepared to find solutions in terms of cost.

We offer our customers the entire value chain from sizing service, engineering, production to packaging service. We pack everything, whether at the customer's site or at our premises in Schüpfheim. Our employees travel to the customer, pack the machine there, for example, and then store it with us. We thus take care of the logistics and stocking for the customer. This is called an in-plant solution, which is actually an invoicing of personnel costs and is becoming more and more up-to-date. In addition, there are various monitoring systems for transport and for the logistics of dangerous goods with shock absorbers. A new area that is being developed at our company is the regulated agent. This refers to companies that pack air cargo and carry out security checks and/or cargo inspections. For this purpose, an ext-ra cordoned-off area - a protection zone - is required on the premises, to which only the person with the appropriate training has access. Air cargo declared in this way goes directly onto the plane without any further checks. Of particular interest to us here is our packing service.

Packaging made of Swiss solid wood is already very sustainable because it is made from natural wood. We are currently developing the first CO₂-neutral wooden packaging. Ecology is a very big issue for all the big players. On our new building, we installed a photovoltaic system with an area of 1000 square meters. This enabled us to take the next big step towards a CO₂-neutral producti-on.

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