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More actions instead of words


The Entlebuch. It has been the home of Kistag for more than 80 years. Located in the very west of the Canton of Lucerne. Gentle hills, dramatic mountain ranges, lots of forest. One lives in nature and with nature. This is just as true for the people of Entlebuch as it is for Kistag. Sustainability did not have to be invented here. It is a matter of course. For a company like Kistag, which works with the valuable raw material wood, anyway.

For example, we process wood from local forests as well as from Switzerland practically without exception and use the residual wood for district heating. On the roof of our new production hall 504 solar modules are installed, which ensure a sustainable energy supply. We organize the transport of our products in a climate-friendly way and are committed to innovative developments, for example in the area of packaging - to name just a few points.

You measure us by deeds, not words? In collaboration with ETH Zurich, we developed EcoPack, the world's first climate-neutral packaging made of wood, and set out to revolutionize the packaging industry. Because EcoPack is just the beginning.

We are sustainable. We are Kistag.


EcoPack was developed in collaboration with:



Kistag stands for innovation and quality. Processes, products and services are therefore continuously reviewed and developed. Certifications ensure that our high standards, as well as legal requirements and norms, are adhered to. This creates security and trust and is also an expression of sustainability.

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