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The kitchen builder - as individual as you


We are your kitchen builder: innovative, individual, inspiring Do not leave the planning, design and realization of your dream kitchen to chance, but to us, the leading kitchen builder in Switzerland.

Our services and products are as individual as your requirements and your ideas. Small kitchens or large kitchens, one kitchen or many kitchens, remodeling or new construction: with us, individual and innovative design meets precision craftsmanship.

Meet our kitchen builders and let yourself be inspired by materials, designs and kitchen appliances from various manufacturers and receive advice from our kitchen specialists in our showroom in Schüpfheim. Or take a look at our showroom app already.

We are your kitchen builder. We are Kistag.

Our kitchens brochure:

We rely on these quality products:

Glas Trösch Holding AG
Häfele Schweiz AG
Debrunner Koenig AG
Blum Schweiz GmbH
Soda Fresh Schweiz AG
Dornbracht Schweiz AG
Galvolux SA
Siemens Schweiz AG
Glas Reinhard AG
Similor AG
Electrolux AG
Franke GmbH
Quooker Schweiz AG
Suter Inox AG, Schweiz
Emilio Stecher AG
Miele AG
Franke Water Systems AG
Similor AG
BORA Vertriebs GmbH & Co KG
OPO Oeschger AG

Your cuisine, our passion.


Our recipe for convincing kitchen solutions? Listening. In a personal conversation, we find out what requirements your new kitchen should meet and what is really important to you (and what is not important at all). It's best to bring your building or apartment plans with you to the consultation so that we can develop your ideas together.

Once the exact measurements have been checked or recorded by us on site, your dream kitchen is brought to life using our modern CAD software. Then our carpenters, all proud craftsmen with the highest quality awareness, will make your kitchen to fit perfectly at our premises in Entlebuch.

You can also count on the experience and craftsmanship of Kistag employees during assembly. Your kitchen, our passion - that fits. Of course, we are also there for you after the installation, when you need readjustments, repairs or the replacement of kitchen appliances.

Frequently asked questions

The size and equipment of a kitchen should always be based on your individual needs. Be aware of what you expect from your kitchen and what you may have missed so far. In this way, we can work with you to develop solutions that fit you exactly.

Because personal advice is individual advice. In our showroom we can not only show you completely different finishes, surfaces and appliances, you can also touch them. Current news, trends and the latest products from our partner suppliers make our showroom an aha experience and ensure that your kitchen furnishings will be up to date.

Kitchen construction is our passion. That's why we don't have 08/15 kitchens, but only kitchens that are completely tailored to your needs.

Unlike the kitchen builder, the kitchen planner is not a person, but a software. It can be used to assemble a kitchen by dragging individual kitchen elements into it.

Because 3D plans, which we create after the first conversation with you, achieve better results. Together with you we develop on the screen your kitchen, whose creation you thus follow in three dimensions.

Built-in appliances such as dishwashers or ovens are available in two different standards: 55 cm wide (Swiss standard) or 60 cm wide (EU standard). Accordingly, the selected standard affects the width of the kitchen furniture to achieve a harmonious image. Since appliance manufacturers usually operate internationally, and the production of appliances with different standards is costly, the EU standard is becoming more and more popular.

By the way, there is no longer a standard for the height of worktops. It is based on individual customer requirements.

The perfect combination of aesthetics, design and functionality. Materials play a very special role in this. Exteriors, fronts and countertops are becoming thinner and sleeker, surfaces higher quality and more matte (so that fingerprints are not visible), and handleless kitchens are becoming increasingly popular.


  • Colors: direction of darker shades, mostly in the earthy range
  • Surfaces: matt, handleless
  • Covers: thinner and thinner
  • Working height: individual, often at 92 cm
  • Appliances:
    • two heating devices (oven, steamer)
    • Quooker
    • Operable by app with smartphone.


  • Superstructures
  • hanging steam vent
  • thick granite stones as countertop

This is very individual and depends on the size and finishing standard of the kitchen. Appliances and materials have their price. An individually designed kitchen can hardly be had for less than CHF 10,000. The average price for a kitchen is between CHF 30,000 and CHF 35,000, but the sky's the limit.

A kitchen renovation is too complex to put a price on. In addition to kitchen furniture and appliances, there are usually expenses for painting, plastering and electrical and plumbing installations.

Our showroom - kitchens to touch and inspire.


Analog instead of digital: Visit our showroom in Schüpfheim and get an idea of how great (and different!) custom-made kitchens from Switzerland's leading kitchen builder are. We present complete kitchens and the latest trends in kitchen fittings, accessories, materials and surfaces.

It is best to arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with one of our kitchen specialists - even outside our opening hours. Of course, you can also drop by spontaneously, be amazed and, if necessary, book a consultation appointment on the spot.

We look forward to your visit.

Kistag Küchen Showroom
Küchen Showroom Ausstellung
Kistag Küchen Showroom Ausstellung
Küchen Showroom Ausstellung

Our showroom apps - a kitchen experience of the virtual kind


With our augmented reality and virtual reality apps, we now also present our kitchens to you virtually.

Download our showroom app free of charge to your smartphone and discover what our kitchens look like in your home. Ingeniously simple and convenient.

With the Kistag app for the Quest 2, they are completely immersed in the virtual world and can play with surface textures and design options as they please.

This is how kitchens are imagined today.

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