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We also encourage others to perform at their best


We are proud of our roots, of our history, we are part of a great region. Strength, team spirit, fairness and perseverance have made us great and successful.

Strength, team spirit, fairness and perseverance also characterize the athletes that we, as sponsors, are happy to support with conviction:

Joel Wicki


Joel Wicki is one of the most talented and successful wrestlers in Switzerland. Not only because the likeable man from Sörenberg lives just a few kilometers from Kistag's company premises, Kistag's sponsorship is an obvious choice. Kistag and Joel Wicki are similar: both are down-to-earth, authentic, ambitious, focused and innovative. So the Kistag logo is a perfect fit for Joel Wicki. So well, in fact, that Kistag has even named a kitchen after him.

We are pleased to be able to support Joel Wicki and wish him all the best and continued success.

SCL Tigers


Kistag has been a sponsor of the ice hockey club from Langnau im Emmental since the 2019/2020 season. Bordering on the Entlebuch, we are connected with the Tigers not only by the river Emme, but also by the claim to always give one's best. We are happy to support the SCL Tigers team as a sponsor and to cheer along with them in the Ilfis-Halle.

We wish the Tigers lots of bite, lots of success and lots of goals.

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