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We are revolutionizing the packaging industry.


In the forests of the Entlebuch, where nature has inspired people for centuries, the idea was born to develop a consistently sustainable, CO2-neutral packaging made of wood. One that has all the advantages of existing packaging solutions, but none of their disadvantages.

In collaboration with ETH-Zurich, the idea took root and set in motion a process whose result you can see here: EcoPack, the world's first climate-neutral wooden packaging.

  • sustainable
  • CO2-neutral
  • recyclable
  • modulable in the interior
  • tool-free assembly

EcoPack not only protects your products, but also the environment. When do you pack climate neutrally with EcoPack? Find out more about this revolutionary packaging here or from one of our packaging specialists.

We are revolutionizing the packaging industry. We are Kistag.


The packaging was developed in collaboration with:


EcoPack certifications

ISO certificates   Swiss wood   First Climate

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