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For a more beautiful life


Our passion for interior design comes from within. Quality, precision craftsmanship and innovation are written into the Kistag DNA. We focus - not only in interior design - on the inner values, but bring them in line with the aesthetic exterior. This is how our kitchens, bathroom furniture, wardrobes and doors, our carpentry work and our store fittings are convincing both inside and out.

Kistag. Interior design that also convinces from the outside.

These customers rely on our solutions:

HRS Real Estate AG
Anliker AG
Coop City
eManor AG
Digitec Galaxus AG
Caretta+Weidmann Baumanagement AG
S+B Baumanagement AG
Swiss Life AG
PP Architektur AG
3dimensional AG
Moomii GmbH
Hauser & Partner AG
RAUMUNDDESIGN Innenarchitektur/Flächenmanagement AG

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